Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We try harder (to fuck robots)

I can't totally make fun of Avis, since they seem not to be taking themselves entirely seriously. That said, this commercial creeps me the fuck out:

He is hitting on the GPS. Tongue in cheek or not, this just weirds me out big time. Still, it's pretty stupid even beyond that. The guy starts the ad by fawning over the GPS system for doing its job:

GPS: "Traffic ahead."
Driver: "Incredible! You found a golf course near the conference, awesome Chinese, now you find me a way around traffic."

I mean, holy shit! It's like you're some kind of... I don't know, GPS system?

Driver: "I love you."

Jesus, does this guy impress easily or what? I can only imagine his behavior at the golf course:

"Incredible! You have 18 holes, a putting green, and now I get to ride in this cart? I love you!"

And of course, the Chinese restaurant:

"Incredible! You don't use MSG, your last health inspection was satisfactory, and now I get a free egg roll with my entree? That's it, we're fucking right here on the table!"

I'd rather not get into the issue of what the guy hoped the GPS was going to say. There's probably a special port you have to attach for that kind of thing.

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Quivering P. Landmass said...

Also, who the hell paid for this ad? Garmin? Avis? Garvis?