Friday, June 29, 2007

It's craptastic

If the Comcast Triple Play is such a great deal, how is it possible that Spider-Dork never thought of it? "Oh, I've just been paying twice as much for subpar service... Comcast, you say? Brilliant!" I guess he doesn't have the proportionate financial sense of a spider. Who picks a roommate on the basis of their choice of cable company anyway? "So... according to this police file, you have a severe heroin addiction and you're wanted for questioning in three murders. I don't really think that... wait, did you say the Comcast Triple Play? Why did I waste money on a background check? You've got the apartment!"

Here's the weird part of this commercial: this is supposed to be promoting the Spider-Man movie? Who sees the weirdo in the suit with the homemade webbing and thinks, "Now that's the movie for me!" I mean, it's not like you're tying in with Shrek or something inherently goofy. This is like one of those Arby's ads that are cross-promoting the new Die Hard movie, except if they all featured a guy with a shaved head going, "Look at me, I'm John McClane! Yippee-ki-yay, bad guys! I just saved the day - that means you get this popcorn chicken!"


Quivering P. Landmass said...

This is just Comcast desperately trying to get in on a hot property, in this case the Spiderman movie. Kind of pathetic when you really look at it.

I'm glad I have RCN.

Nutrition and fruit said...

Yah comercials like these ones are pretty mucha waste of money.