Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Internet is a series of YouTubes

Here's a fun fact: the Internet sometimes has silly videos on it. Capitalizing on this groundbreaking information is the new series of Geico ads:

I don't understand. Didn't Geico build its market share using the Internet? Why are they acting like they just discovered it yesterday? This is the kind of thing I would expect from a bunch of 60-year-old guys in a room. "Hey, you know what would be great for an ad? Internet videos! The kids seem to love 'em!" Naturally the premise is that there are better things you could do online than watch stupid videos, as though this was a piece of information that anyone was missing. "I know the Internet compiles virtually all the knowledge of the world and near-endless resources for obtaining insurance quotes... but no, I'm going to watch this guy make noises with his mouth for another five minutes."

The whole thing is pretty lame, but it is also unbelievably lazy. The kid pictured is, as best I can tell from YouTube, an actual guy who posts these stupid videos. Geico bought the rights, because I guess that's cheaper than paying an actor to do something similar? The other ad I saw in this series is the exact same case. This is like the reality TV of commercials - why pay actors when you can just dump something "unscripted" onto the airwaves, then sit back and reap the benefits? Given how many bad ideas the marketing geniuses at Geico have foisted on us, though, I guess I shouldn't complain when they just stop trying.

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