Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ride the bench on two! One, two! Hike!

I guess Brady Quinn is a "name" athlete, but there seems to be something wrong with this ad.

Let's see how many jokes I can get off in ten seconds. And, go:

It's a good thing Brady Quinn gets himself psyched up to hold a clipboard every weekend. Could he play as effectively without Gillette? By which I mean, play with the second team offense in practice during the week? I'll bet the Browns' third-string tight end is really impressed with the smoothness of Brady Quinn's face. I do appreciate Quinn giving his name; I watch a lot of sports, but I wouldn't have recognized him otherwise. Mostly because I tend only to watch what happens on the field. Zing! Take that, pretty boy!

Seriously, though, what is this ad even for? I'm pretty sure it's online-only, which means it doesn't have to follow traditional advertising rules, but there isn't even a hint of anything until the last second of the spot. I have yet to be able to read all the text in that frame before the video cuts out, either on YouTube or in the top right corner of the home page. I think it's some sort of contest involving "game faces" or whatever. But it's not like they tell you - it's a "You could win!" bit of text and then a web address which I never get to before the video runs out. Well played, Gillette.


Andrew N.P. said...

It's, if you care. Apparently the grand prize is "face time" with Brady Quinn. (Ha ha! Get it? Face?) Hey, since you can't ask him what it's like to play in the NFL (zing!), maybe you could ask him who was really the worse coach: Weis or Willingham.

Quivering P. Landmass said...

I like that they pony up to get Brady Quinn, but they couldn't afford to be a Browns sponsor, or use the NFL logo. "I'm Brady Quinn in Cleveland, Ohio." Pretty cheap.

Tyler said...

Shaving: obviously the key to quarterbacking.