Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't guzzle the product! You'll make the audience think it's good!

No YouTube available for this one: Starbucks Iced Coffee (Click "Iced Coffee Italian Roast," then the television.)

By and large, I like Starbucks' iced coffee (the in-store version, at least) a lot. I don't, however, understand why people in this commercial are so exasperated.

Crew member: Speed!

Director: Action!

Voiceover: Starbucks iced coffee, premium Italian roast coffee drink-

Director: Cut! Reset logo.

[A gloved production assistant comes by and turns the can, then spritzes it.]

Crew member: Let's do it again.

Voiceover: A premium Italian roast coffee drink with a hint of nonfat milk and sugar, available now.

Director: Cut! Cut, please!

Look how incredulous the director is, and the PA could not be any more disgusted as she stomps away.

Actor: Wow, that's great coffee! Let's do another take!

This is all in response to the actor demonstrating how great the product is (and maybe holding the can incorrectly, which we saw was easily rectified). It's even in-character for the commercial-within-the-commercial, which takes place on a desert island. If this behavior is worthy of so much disdain, more context is required. A sea of empty cans littering the floor. A digital clock showing that it's 4:00AM. Have an extra mutter "Uh oh, here comes 'Ten Takes Thompson,'" or exposit that the actor failed the bite-and-smile portion of Commercial Acting 101. OR, if the product shot at the end is the prop table, show me empty glasses, suggesting many, many, many takes instead of just "another."

Maybe the crew is dreading the numerous pee breaks that the "actor"'s going to need. Or, more likely, perhaps the "director" and "PA" are just hamming it up in the hopes that TBS will come calling to make a sitcom based on the wacky antics of the coffee commercial crew. Stupider things have happened.


Quivering P. Landmass said...

I could not agree more, Chemical Formula for Sugar. This commercial is completely without context, and there is woefully insufficient motivation for the exasperation of the director.

Might I also add that's it's really nasty watching someone gulp down brown liquid as loudly as this guy. Is this really a product that should be so heartily chugged?

Windier E. Megatons said...

I also hate the way he says "Wow that's great coffee." It comes out of a fucking can! Great? Really??

Anonymous said...

That mother fucker looks like he is sucking on some nuts. Who wants to watch some fat fuck gulp down some shitty coffee?

Anonymous said...

Wish I could find a video of this commercial.