Friday, August 31, 2007

Don't do what Donny Don't does

This commercial isn't that bad, really. But something about it just bugs me a little bit, and if you hadn't posted for two weeks and were having a hard time finding truly odious ads online, you'd start getting picky too.

One thing I don't like: it's a Volkswagen. The guy isn't driving an ice cream truck. People don't just stop and wave because you're driving around in a regular car. Also, does it really count as the Volkswagen "getting into" the car thief? Seems to me he was affected by things out of the Volkswagen's immediate control - the sun, people waving, etc. This could have been any convertible. And what if he'd driven through a rough neighborhood and gotten robbed at a street light? This commercial could have been so much more deliciously ironic.

The other thing I don't like: this ad is implying to Volkswagen owners that if they leave their car unlocked and the keys inside, it won't get stolen, because any car thief taking it will be overwhelmed by the good vibes and drive right on back. I would pay money if they would add one of those "Do not attempt" disclaimers under the woman as she returns to the car at the end of the ad. Or maybe one that reads "You got lucky this time, lady."

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Quivering P. Landmass said...

Yeah, not a horrible ad, but not conceptually strong. Maybe it would work better if, instead of a thief, they showed some old curmudgeony guy borrowing his daughter's VW reluctantly, then slowly falling in love with the car. Really just anything not involving criminal activity.

On the plus side, the ad does have that VW feel to it, plus the solid art direction and music that's always present in their ads.