Saturday, February 12, 2011

With my mind on my Facebook and my Facebook on my mind

I legitimately cannot believe that Chevy spent three million dollars to pitch this to us.

Hey! We're Chevy. We have a new car called the Cruze. Here's what you need to know about it.

1. Inexplicably, you can have your Facebook updates read to you while you drive.
2. It is a car.
3. Hmm? Sorry, I dozed off for a second there.
4. You know, I think I'm going to head out early today.
5. *tires squealing*

I mean, is this an ad for a car, or for Facebook? Have we really reached a point in society where people cannot wait more than 30 seconds to check their Facebook feeds? And do I really want people doing that while driving? I guess I'm glad he can do it (mostly) hands-free rather than fumbling with a smart phone, but that's small consolation. It's only a matter of time before your feed starts to look like this:

John Smith is driving to the mall. And updating Facebook from the car, using just my voice! Is this cool or what?

John Smith kind of wants an Orange Julius when I get there.

John Smith Whoa! Almost rear-ended this guy who decided he just HAD to turn right. Learn to drive, asshole!

John Smith Holy fuck I can't BRRRRRGGG

Also, I know this is a commercial, but there's no way the voice would manage to correctly read the woman's update with what I'm assuming is dramatic punctuation.


capewood said...

This was one dumb commercial. I was sure it was for a car since it said Chevy on the screen. Is this a feature I would base a car purchase decision on, that I can get FaceBook updates in a sexy voice? Well, maybe, if the voice was sexy enough.

Anonymous said...

I loathe the spamtastic nature of facebook and I think this commercial really toped me over. 3 million?! Who is the HUGEEEE idiot that made and paid for this commercial? In all honesty, I was beginning to think the car advertisers were going insane when they were focused on "mp3 jacks" as the main selling point for cars around 2007/2008. Really? A $5 addon to any car is being used as a main selling point for new cars? No wonder nobody bought domestic recently, morons are selling the cars.

but this is beyond pathetic of a commercial... facebook as the main selling point? Obviously facebook has their (hidden advertising, harvard/investor paid money) in GM's pockets.

That is the only logical thing I can think of for this sad, sad commercial. Because some fatcats want to see facebook make money their investments in turn,, profit.

Facebook is all hype, anyone who knows marketing at all knows it is the creator of the new "tech bubble" that I can't wait to see pop.....facebook is not groundbreaking, its all copycat of myspace with investor money (and hidden advertising ala "join our show on facebook!" type advertising on lots of news/tv shows.) Now you rarely see that....why? because it was obviously paid for. and to top it off, before facebook was in the know, they spent literally 200,000 dollars just for the domain name! Now tell me after those facts that facebook is not all hype.

Anonymous said...

"My 24-year-old junior high mustache has been bolstered by this new technology. Thank you Chevy!"