Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mind over Chatter

Do you suppose there is really a huge overlap between "people who are big fans of the Black Eyed Peas" and "people who make major software decisions for businesses"?

I have my doubts that the Black Eyed Peas actually use this service. But whatever.

Announcer: ", what do you think about the cloud?"

Better first question: "What the fuck is the cloud?" "The cloud? You mean this guy?"

Oh, I guess it's an actual cloud? Question answered! Or, not. At all. "Chatty? Man, I love this dude."

I might suggest that it is a bad idea, when attempting to introduce a new product to a mass audience, to have your main pitchman call the product by a different name. "Hey, what's that thing called? Chatty? Chatter? Chatbox? Chat Stevens?" "He helps me and my team stay aligned, so like, we all on the same page and stuff."

Thought: when attempting to sell a product that needs to be pitched to manager-level employees at companies, don't describe its function as making sure that "like, we all on the same page and stuff." This product is aimed at business professionals, not 12-year-olds from Encino. "I'm sorry, that's my phone. But hey look, check it out: Fergie be showing me tour updates, Taboo's showing me all the fly shoe designs, and Apl's letting me know where the DJ gigs at."

I guess these are things that this service does better than any other? It's sort of impossible to say, since your spokespeople are the Black Eyed Peas, and 99.9% of the people who will use this are not part of musical groups that also dabble in shoe design. Also, why are they the "Baby Peas" in this ad? And why did they need to be animated? "You see, we keep our whole business up there. It's private, and most importantly, it's safe."

Actually somewhat meaningful, I guess.

Fergie: "Will, let's go!" "Oh, yo, I gotta go on stage!"
Announcer: "Do impossible things as a team."

And Apl and Taboo get what I imagine is the usual shaft. The slogan is "Do impossible things as a team?" Impossible things? Unless your company is working on the first time machine, maybe we could just stick with a verb like "incredible," which would have been just as good for the ad's purposes without sounding ludicrously overblown.

Seriously, why are the Black Eyed Peas in this ad? Even though Chatter is supposed to be a Facebook/Twitter equivalent, it's still only like that within the confines of a professional setting. Was there really that much of a need to "cool up" the ad with's presence? Even if there was, I still don't understand why they're the "Baby Peas" or why they're animated. For all the sense it makes, might just as well have been 500 feet tall and stomping through the streets of Tokyo, or rendered in Rankin/Bass-style stop-motion, or depicted with oozing sores and a hacking cough as "" of the "Garbage Pail Peas." Or maybe this commercial could have been way, way more straightforward, used someone less famous but more relevant, and given more than a whiff of a suggestion of what Chatter is actually good for.

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capewood said...

I didn't even really understand what the product was after this commercial.