Monday, November 19, 2007

From the Dept. of Faint Praise...

I saw this banner ad on today...

Makes you wonder what the other guys were saying, doesn't it?

"A wholly passable automobile manufacturer."
- Car and Driver

"Buick has become the Bette Midler of the car industry."
- Automobile

- Popular Mechanics

"While everyone else was taking risks and reimagining the automotive landscape, Buick has been making their same slightly above-average cars."
- Auto World Magazine

"Yeah, no."
- Lowrider

"This just in -- Buick has revolutionized the car world. Move over, Ferrari! Take a seat, BMW! Buick is the new gold standard, and the car company against which all other car companies ever will be judged."
- Effusive Hyperbole Monthly

"Not as good as 'GO ZOOM ZOOM!'"
- Crazy Mazda Fan Digest

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c12h22o11 said...

Why is creativity always at its most awkward during car commercials?