Monday, November 26, 2007

Dressing up is hard to do

Wendy's is really starting to piss me off.

I don't think it's even worth addressing how fucking stupid the Wendy's hair is at this point. It's stupid, we all know it's stupid, I'm sure even Wendy's knows it's stupid but is willing to stay the course for branding purposes. Whatever. What annoys me about this one is it's a classic example of that brilliant logical fallacy, the false dichotomy. Wendy's presents two options - their burger, and this ridiculous, nonexistent other burger. Because the other burger is ridiculous, Wendy's must be great, right? Right?

This actually goes beyond the false dichotomy, because it starts from a stupid premise. A burger that sings Air Supply songs is retarded and an obvious ploy ("Hey, remember Air Supply? They sucked, right? Burger King fucking loves Air Supply!"), but it's not what's stupid here, since we can all recognize it as a joke, if a terrible one. (Surprise.) What's stupid is that Wendy's is making fun of other chains for "dressing up" their burgers. Two questions:

(1) What does that even mean? Pickles?
(2) What could it possibly mean that wouldn't encompass the act of "dressing up" a burger with bacon and jalapeƱos as well? Answer: nothing. Note to Wendy's: if you're going to set up your commercial as an attack on your competitors, do us all a favor and attack in a way that makes a lick of sense.

One last thing: why does Wendy's have to make their spokesperson such a douchebag? First he names the burger (smugly), then describes all the ingredients - in that way no one does - and then puts the cherry on top by sticking the burger into his friend/coworker's face in apparent gloating fashion. If someone did that to me with their lunch I'd fucking spit on it. They'd probably be mad now, but later, when they're not dying of a heart attack, they'd thank me.


Quivering P. Landmass said...

I guess the "Air Supply Burger" is some attempt to link the commercial to the Rhapsody download giveaway. A bit of a stretch.

This is another great example of cramming way too much junk into one ad: We've got Coke product placement, Air Supply reference, Rhapsody advertising -- even the Wendy's branding seems forced, with the "That's Right" slogan squeezed in there. I thought you were trying to sell a burger.

Anonymous said...

I know that Anne of Green Gables stupid hair is starting to drive me nuts, and especially the fruity Douchebag wearing it.

Anonymous said...

I second that.