Friday, June 6, 2008

I think you misunderstood the concept of "blogging"

Those of us who write or read blogs probably have some understanding of the ongoing friction between the main stream media, like newspapers (or TV commercials!), and new media, like blogging. If you're not familiar with it, here's a link to the funniest site on the web that illustrates this argument through the narrow lens of sports media criticism. Now I'm going to discuss blogs vs. MSM under the even narrower lens of advertising criticism. So, get excited! (Note: do not actually get excited.)

I haven't had much of a problem with these Twix "Need a moment?" commercials. They seem fine. But then the latest one hit the airwaves, and it made me wonder if maybe I was being kind of mercilessly pandered to:

Girl: (with attitude) Frankly I just feel like some politicians are completely out of touch with 99 percent of society.

Never has such a vague, obviously true statement had so much bluster behind it. Everyone knows that some politicians are out of touch.

Guy: Yeah... and it's like... the mainstream media's fault.

It's the MSM's fault that some politicians are out of touch? Doesn't follow. This is supposed to be like a bullshit answer on the guy's part, but then the girl agrees with him. Ba-whaa?

Girl: You said it! Finally someone who shares my struggle.

Guy: I know, right. Do you wanna go to my apartment?

Girl: What?


Girl: What kind of girl do you think I am?

"Um, a super sexy one who gets really worked up over everything? What a turn-on!"

Anyway, then our hero chews it over with a Twix, which, by the way, is capable of momentarily stopping time.

Guy: I thought you were a believer. Someone who'd want to blog about our ideals.

Girl: Oh, blogging! I love blogging! (leaves with guy to go blog)

Sigh. That's not how it works. People don't go blogging together. It's not something you do with someone you just met, even in a commercial that's trying to be hip and young and "funny." This is a great example of the mainstream media being their old media selves. "What's going to get young Twix eaters excited? Oh, hey, how about blogs! Maybe they can all go blog together about Twix!"

No one really "loves" blogging. Loving blogging is kind of an absurd idea. It's like loving "typing" or "making copies of a memo" or "cranking a movable type printing press." Blogging is just one of many ways to get your thoughts and feelings heard. It's a communication technology medium. It's not like more fun than a party, or a good date activity, or foreplay or anything like that. Also, just because young people do it doesn't make it cool. Plenty of weird, uncool people blog, too.

Man, it's commercials like these that show how sad and old traditional advertising is starting to sound. Makes me fe --

Tag along with them at

Hmm. Okay, I'll bite. I'm into potentially stupid online marketing components... (visits

Okay, so basically it's like a choose-your-own-adventure story from when you were a kid. That is, if your choose-your-own-adventure-stories involved blatant stereotypes and an overall atmosphere of male chauvinism. So, you're on a date with that girl, and you have to get her home while avoiding a gay cockblocker named "Bruce" and a random Frenchman, "Francois," while all the while hiding your inner inadequacies as a partner. Also, every time you have to choose something you eat a Twix. What would you think if you were on a date and during the conversation your date ate four Twix bars while talking to you? Answer: You would return home and blog about how awesome Twix are. Right?

The final decision you have to make, and the one that will determine whether or not you get anywhere with this chick, is to either "Be honest" or "Keep up the charade." Guess which one of these "gets" you the girl? Hint: it's the same decision Twix made when they decided to develop this whole commercial.


Quivering P. Landmass said...

UPDATE: This Twix campaign makes people fat! Check it out:

So, chew on that.

Khaki said...

I hate these commercials. The stupid website thing just blew my mind. I wrote a big old rant about it just a couple days before yours :)

The thing I find hardest to understand, is how does a concept like that make it all the way from the idea stage to being produced without someone realizing how... well, stupid it is. (or sexist or offensive, etc.)

I understand that Twix is marketing to men these days, but did they have to sink so low? Every friggin' choice in that "Get the Girl" thing is like from bizarro world or opposite day. Choosing the answer that is clearly ethically right always gives you a bad result.


And somewhere on there I read "help our guy win Deborah over" Win her over?! Do they even understand the concept? Ok, I must calm myself. Damn I really need some chocolate.

Khaki said...

I forgot to leave the link to my little twix hissy fit... a twixxy fit maybe....