Saturday, February 11, 2012

Get to a better kitchen

I've talked before, on several occasions, about the perils of having unlikable people pitching your products. Recently, in particular, it seems to be obnoxious couples. People who I would leave a party early just to avoid. Right, Sears? Right, Toyota? Yeah. Well, don't worry, you guys aren't alone. Here comes State Farm to join the party!

Again... why would I want to be like these people? At least the obnoxious assholes in the Sears and Toyota ads appeared mostly to get along with each other.

[Wife is singing karaoke to TLC's "Waterfalls"]
Husband: "Oh, look! Mommy spent your diaper money on a karaoke disaster!"

Instantly I hate everyone involved with this ad. What is the insistence on depicting relationships where people spend most of their time bickering? Also, fuck this guy and his supremely hipster mustache.

Husband: "I thought you were getting renter's insurance."

"And because I am an asshole, my immediate assumption based on this scenario not perfectly matching the one I expected was that you did something incredibly stupid, and then I yelled at you about it, despite having no actual information. This is what marriage is like."

Wife: "Done. I got our stuff covered for like four bucks a month."
Husband: "Four bucks, huh? Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there."
[Agent appears]
Husband: "Hey, Clyde, why is my wife lying about our insurance?"

You are SUCH an asshole. Man, I can't wait until this guy gets his comeuppance.

Clyde: "When you have State Farm car insurance, you can add renter's for about four more bucks a month."
Wife: "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there - with an apology!"
Clyde: "It doesn't work like that, Julie."
Husband: "Boom."

Look, what the fuck? First of all, since WHEN does it not work like that? This is literally the first time in all of these stupid spots that someone has not gotten what they asked for, and that included having "the girl from 4E" suddenly appear in your apartment for sex. Second of all, why, exactly, is the wife made to look stupid here when the husband is an asshole throughout the ad and then CONTINUES to be an asshole despite being completely wrong? Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there with divorce papers.

This isn't the only State Farm ad currently running that I have this sort of problem with, either.

[Husband is on the phone in a darkened living room]
Husband: "Yeah, I'm married - does it matter? You'd do that for me? Really? Yeah, I'd like that!"

See, it's funny, because it sounds like he's talking to a phone sex operator! Or whatever. State Farm, I don't think you understand that you cannot have this be the opening joke and then ALSO go where you go with this.

Wife: "Who are you talking to?"
Husband: "Uh, it's Jake, from State Farm. Sounds like a really good deal."
Wife: "Jake from State Farm, at three in the morning? Who is this?"
Husband: "It's Jake, from State Farm."
Wife: "What are you wearing, 'Jake from State Farm?'"
Jake: "Uh... khakis?"
Wife: "She sounds hideous!"
Husband: "Well, she's a guy, so."

Here's why I hate this ad: why is the wife being made to look like a total psycho? It's actually a bit different from the last ad. In that one, the woman is right but is refused the credit she deserves. In this one, the woman is wrong - but the problem is that the ad casts her as not just wrong (since it sets up a scenario where you'd expect her to misjudge) but completely over the top in her wrongness. In the first ad, the husband is over the top in his wrongness, but he is allowed the last laugh without ever having to admit he was wrong. In the second ad, the husband again gets the last laugh, and he doesn't ever have to admit that, let's face it, talking to State Farm about your policy at three in the morning is maybe a little weird and suspicious.

Even in other ads that don't come down so heavily on the side of the man (and unaccountably so at that), State Farm seems to relish depicting conflict between the sexes, be it a wife demanding to know how her husband came by a falcon (do note that every single person in that ad shown with an extravagant purchase is a man, which is sort of sexist against both men and women at the same time, an impressive feat) or a couple fighting at the scene of an accident and using the "power" of State Farm to change each other into different people. (Again in that second one the woman clearly comes off worse. And again, the jingle can turn your girlfriend into a statuesque model in tight clothing but it CAN'T GET YOUR HUSBAND TO APOLOGIZE TO YOU FOR BEING AN ASSHOLE?)

Maybe there's some study I'm unaware of which shows that couples who fight all the time (and thus are most likely to recognize themselves in these ads) buy more insurance than couples who don't. But I kind of have a hard time believing that. If anything, insurance (given its necessity in the modern world) is one thing that there's no reason for couples to fight over. So what does State Farm do? Introduce all kinds of other conflict in its insurance ads. Because you know what's funny: a nice awkward bit of bickering between a couple you don't know, right in front of you. Sorry, did I say funny? I meant excruciating. Like a good clicker, my remote control is there - with a new channel whenever these stupid things come on.


ConstruX NunchuX said...

Since the second tier Ed Helms imitations are often noted here, I thought I'd share what I feel is a painful Tina Fey mimick in the karaoke commerical.

Anonymous said...

Ahaha, dude, don't you think you're over-analyzing this? Sure, I guess that's what the internet for; venting. Still, they're commercials. They're supposed to be ridiculous and get your attention, which they obviously have succeeded in doing.
Anyways, cool posts, btw, funny (:

Anonymous said...

no he's spot on. i saw these commercials too and was also offended at the portrayal of women, and i am a man!

Anonymous said...

no he's spot on. i saw these commercials too and was also offended at the portrayal of women, and i am a man!

Anonymous said...

These commercials are hilarious.Thanks to the State Farm ad creators.
Hysterically funny; and the actors are teriffic!!

Sis said...

Dude: Relax!

Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the "holier than thou" angle the advertisers are going for. It's the same reason reality shows are so popular. People want to watch dysfunctional couples and be happy that they are so much better than them.

Troy Wahlbrink said...

Shut it. Watch virtually every commercial on tv and you'll see tbe opposite. Men, married men, boyfriends, brothers and boys are all made to look stupid and helpless. They are the butt of every joke (boys are stupid comes to mind), incompetent, and need a smarter FEMALE to make the situation right.
Quit your feminist b.s and denounce all of these like you are the "hideous" one.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog looking for info on this ad because it is an all time favorite. It isn't suppose to make total sense,it is suppose to make you remember the ad because it is funny. And it is. It's hysterical.

You can make all kinds of unnecessary presumptions,but it is overthinking it. 99%of sitcoms,ads,etc...make the guy look rediculous and get away with it,because men,especially white men are the power brokers of the world. This time it is a woman,it's not the norm,but the point is not to make fun of woman,but to create a memorable scene of absurdity with a simple phone call that can be made 24/7. That's the message. Memorable because of or at the expense of a middle aged (or close to) wife,thinking she has caught her hubby making a sex call.

You could just as easily become angry at showing husbands being chronically interested in sex,especially sex with someone other than his own spouse. This one turns the tables. And it is made funnier with the unassuming State Farm employee politely going along with the absurdity. It's a classic!