Monday, August 10, 2009

Articles killed the radio star

Please tell me this is actually an official renaming, and not a painful attempt at "hip" rebranding.

First of all, way to break the bank on that ad. Second of all, no one calls you that (I guess Radio Shack doesn't have friends?). Third of all... no. Just no. There are companies that can pull this off - such as McDonald's drilling down to "Mickey D's" (although that always made me want to stab myself in the ear) - but Radio Shack? You are not one of those companies.

Now, if this is actually part of a move to completely rename the company "The Shack," because your name has gotten kind of obsolete in the modern era... well, it's still kind of stupid. But at least it's much less stupid. So I hope, for your sake, that that's the story here.

EDIT: Looks like it is. However, I refuse to withdraw my gripe entirely, seeing as how the print ad on that Gizmodo page is the worst kind of "please whore yourself out for our benefit" faux-viral nonsense that companies routinely spin these days. Anyone who actually follows those instructions deserves to be slapped in the face.


Allan said...

still, the shack? reeks of desperation

Rick James Bible Owner said...

The geniuses behind Kraft's latest ad campaign are kicking themselves for not calling Miracle Whip "The Whip" or "The Hwhip."