Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boosting the ick factor

When you're down the ladder in terms of market share, I suppose I can see why you might feel a need to do something "out there" to get people's attention. But when you're doing something like this? Something so repugnant it just makes me want to look away and change the channel as fast as possible (and long before you've gotten your product name out there)? I'm not sure what you're really going for with that.

How bad is this ad? Bad enough that the first place I saw reference to it was in the comments section of this very blog, in a comment by reader Capewood. What did he say about it? Well, here's his first sentence: "I don't remember the company but some cell phone service provider is running a commercial with a woman and a guy riding a bicycle." (Bolding mine.) Sounds like a memorable ad! Good thing Boost Mobile went for the "hook" of a horrific image that no one wants to look at!

At least it's in service of a hilarious, hilarious joke, right?

Girl on bike: "What, you think this is wrong? It's a little gift from Mother Nature. I'll tell you what's wrong - it's cell phone companies charging hidden fees."

*spits out water* Pahahaha! Oh man, Boost Mobile. You got me. You told me what was wrong. I thought I knew what was wrong, but I was wrong! Oh man! There it is again! The wrongness!

I don't think Boost has gone far enough, though, if they really want to catch people's attention. How about... animal cannibalism? Oh, you did that. Not gross enough, right? You need humans involved. Well, how about a coroner eating food that was just sitting on a dead body? Man, that would be pretty out there... oh. You also did that. Well, I've got one suggestion left. But be warned: it's comedy gold.

[Setting: a suburban living room. The doorbell rings.]
Girl's voice: Come on in!
[A 35-year-old man enters through the front door. He is carrying a six-pack of Smirnoff Ice.]
Man: Katie?
Girl's voice: I'll be out in a second! Make yourself at home.
[The man sits down on the couch. Suddenly, Chris Hansen walks out from the kitchen.
Chris Hansen: What are you doing here?
Man: Uh, well, I just came to... uh...
Chris Hansen: To have sex with a 15-year-old girl.
Man: What, you think that's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong - cell phone companies that charge hidden fees!
Chris Hansen: You do realize you're on Dateline NBC right now.
Man: Heck yeah - I just looked you up using my sweet web-enabled phone.
Chris Hansen: Well, you're free to go.
Man: I will go - go call my lawyer on this awesome unlimited plan from Boost Mobile!
[As the man leaves the house, he is tackled by twelve police officers.]

Boost Mobile - where you at? Hopefully not a 15-year-old girl's house.


capewood said...

Glad to suggest a post. I saw just the tail end (so to speak) of the pig ad. I didn't realize it was for the same company. I really hate commercials with talking animals. Or babies.

Anonymous said...

I knew about the pig ad (mentioned here) and this one...I saw the coroner one but didn't remember it was for Boost mobile. What is wrong with them?

The talking babies are the worst. And it is not even close. Making them spit up is the icing on the cake.

ButteryPat said...

Who thought this could have possibly been a good idea? I can't imagine a worse attempt to try and get me to buy something. The worst part about it is the incredibly flimsy segue to the "hard sell" portion. "You think THIS is wrong?" How utterly vapid. These ads remind me of those terrible Amp'd mobile ads. You know, like the one where the hooker is banging the Senator and he dies? They went bankrupt...I wonder why?