Wednesday, April 8, 2009

America shuffles heavily on Dunkin'

Hey! Parents! Are your kids watching too much TV? Get them outside and exercising, am I right? Go have a fun day at the park, toss the frisbee around, whatever! But get the family together for a fun outdoor activity!

Or, stay inside the house eating these frosted tori of fatty, sugary starch! Because that's just good parenting.

Look, Dunkin' Donuts. I'm not offended that you would advertise your product. And I like a good donut now and then. But the concept for this ad just bothers me. Really, that's the best way to get the family together? A box of donuts? That's your magic potion? This is going to be one fat, angry family in ten years.


Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with this commercial, but i suggest that there be an article on the most irritating commercial by McDonalds advertising their "filet of fish" with that stupid talking fish.

Anonymous said...

This is my impression of the blog writer coming home to a surprise dinner made by his wife:

wife: "Honey I made you your favorite, hamburgers"
blog writer: "Ewww, I only to eat hamburgers once a week and these buns look soggy and the tomato looks thickly sliced and those onions look red and not white...."

Now the blog writer getting a lingerie surprise from his wife:

wife: I put on some lingerie for you...
blog writer: eww, if nylons rub against me too much i get a rash and then i'll have to put balm on it and that will ruin my whole week so just get away from me.

And finally, someone asking the blog writer what they think of the song "what a wonderful world."

co-worker: Hey! I really dig that what a wonderful world song.
blog writer: ewww, i just don't like it, the guy's voice sounds all constipated and weird. and why is the sky blue? so when you hear the song it has to be day time... ewww... so many issued with the lyrics... it's just so bad...

Anyone can rag on stuff, so you're not showing anyone how smart you are, you just seem like someone that's depressing as hell to be around. kudos!


Quivering P. Landmass said...


Yes, how dare we expect commercials to be good. We should just blindly accept what is shown on TV and know that copywriters like you are doing their best. We'll shut up now because there's no point in criticizing anything ever because that would just be "depressing."

I mean, I know you're a hack, but even you must have a certain quality standard. Or do you just defend pretty much any commercial ever made (I saw you commented this same text on another post) under the grounds that everything is imperfect and has at least some flaw? That's a dangerous line of reasoning.

And yes, anyone can do what we do here -- making fun of ads. There are many blogs that nitpick on little things -- grammar (, sports media ( to name a couple -- why don't you go bitch over at those sites? I think you'll find you have your work cut out for you.

Windier E. Megatons said...

Ladies and gentlemen, an advertising writer! And you wonder why this site exists.

Anonymous said...


Adam said...

You may not like what they post, but they still do make valid points. It seems that you are interpreting their criticism wrong.
This Dunkin' Donuts commercial essentially presented a contradiction. They show young children being drawn into T.V. with no social interaction. However, they disturb that T.V. time with unhealthy donuts that have the same effect which is a bunch of people sitting in a room and being quiet as their face is stuffed with those donuts. I'm not sure how the family is anymore together when they are shoving their faces full of donuts rather than mindlessly watching the television. From my own personal experience, the children will most likely shove their faces full of 2-4 donuts and then hastily make their way back to the T.V. program they were watching. In fact, they may not even stop to eat the donuts in the kitchen, they may just skip over that step entirely and proceed back to the T.V. with their donuts in hand and mouth.

Joe said...

I get what Dunkin' was trying to do with this ad, but pulling kids away from the TV and feeding them donuts is a bit poor. They should've avoided it all together - and this sort of criticism HAD to have come up pre-production, don't you think??

But it's better than their stupid ad with people yelling from their rooftops (neighbors, who could've just met in the cul-de-sac between their homes) about how much they love Dunkin' coffee...