Monday, April 2, 2007

Historical Hate: Chunky Chips Ahoy

Maybe I'm taking it a bit too seriously, but this commercial really insults my intelligence.

1. Does the cookie not know that he's a Chunky Chips Ahoy? That's ridiculous. He obviously would know that he was, and therefore it makes no sense to think that he would hear "Monkey Chips Ahoy" instead, much less that he would refer to himself that way.

2. The idea of someone mishearing "monkey" for "chunky" is plenty stupid in and of itself. And what, they didn't even have a script on this thing? He had to learn all his lines by hearing them? And he heard them wrong every time?

3. Given that the director knows the singer has the wrong words, why does he let him get most of the way through the song?

4. Where did the monkeys even come from? The singer appears to be the only one who doesn't know that it's "Chunky," and he surely would not be in charge of animal wrangling on the set.

All that doesn't even get into how annoying the song is, much less the horror of the slogan "It's a whole lotta yum." Go to hell, Chips Ahoy.

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