Friday, March 30, 2007

We've got conjecture and hearsay. Those are kinds of evidence.

I wish I could find a video for the latest Comcast commercial that unexpectedly made me go "ha!", but it's far too mundane for someone to have posted it on YouTube (which makes it quite mundane indeed). Basically, Comcast wants you to know that "all kinds of people" are signing up for its triple play of services. And it tells you that over images of a white woman on the phone-then a white man on the phone- then a black woman on the phone. The variety of "all kinds" is just staggering! I can't even count that high, Comcast!

If their budget had been just $20 higher, perhaps we would have seen a fisherman on his cell phone, then a king in an ermine cape using the internet, and a doctor watching When Surgery Goes Wrong on the Discovery Health Channel.

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