Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Summer of Condiments

Oh dear.

[Twentysomethings hang out at a party while the announcer talks. Edgy, animated text matches his words on the screen.]
Announcer: "Don't go unnoticed. Don't blend in. Don't be ordinary, boring or bland. In other words..."

Now, if I just showed you the first nineteen seconds of that ad, what would you think it was for? Some sort of hip clothing company? The latest premium malt beverage? Granted, it's kind of a lame ad regardless, but it's when we get to the product that things go completely to hell.

Announcer: "...don't be so mayo."

Honestly, the first time I saw this ad I still didn't figure it out, even after this line. Mostly because I never expected to see an ad for a condiment that looked like an ad for Smirnoff Ice.

Announcer: "We are our own unique one of a kind flavor. We are Miracle Whip, and we will not tone it down."

That's the entire ad. You will not "tone it down"? Someone wanted Miracle Whip to "tone it down"? If the tone on Miracle Whip were any lower it would be sub-zero. I understand the pitch - "Miracle Whip! We're not mayonnaise! We taste different, you guys!" - but this was the best angle they had? The official mediocre condiment of rebellious youth?

You know what this ad is like? Imagine you're a teenager and your dad shows up at a party of yours, dressed in contemporary clothes he can't possibly pull off, and saying things like "I was hoping I could chill with you dawgs for a while," putting all the emphasis on the "cool" words that clearly even he knows he really shouldn't be saying. Now, if that happened, you'd be embarrassed both by and for him, right? Well, that's how I feel after seeing this ad.

You're not cool, Miracle Whip. You're not cool and you never will be. You just make me sad.


Quivering P. Landmass said...

All American Girl-next-door: What're you rebelling against, Johnny?

Young, Surly Marlon Brando: Whaddya got?

Girl: Mayonnaise.

Brando: (revs his chopper, rides off)

capewood said...

I always thought of Miracle Whip as the blander form of mayonnaise. I didn't realize how edgy it is. I haven't seen this commercial on TV yet, but just seeing the video here is enough to make me want to go downstairs and make a sandwich, with mayo.

Allan said...

uh, capewood, a sandwich with mayo?

it's not mayo, please, it's a unique one of a kind flavor.

don't be so mayo

Allan said...

I need to call Miracle Whip up and tell those ornery, defiant young guns to please tone it down. please bring the uniqueness of the flavor down to a level where the rest of us can even begin to comprehend it. Do you think they'd get the joke?

Ziffdavy said...

Hey you, shut up!

Miracle Whip! This spread is like punk rock!

Tyler said...

I've noticed over the past few days that this commercial is in HEAVY rotation on NFL Network. Trying to capture that elusive BBQ demographic perhaps.

Anonymous said...

A hilarious post, whoever you are that runs this site. Not only did you bring a greater audience to a campaign that borders on an SNL commercial spoof, but you ripped it to shreds in an appropriate manner. Nine thumbs up!