Thursday, February 7, 2008

HDpus Rex

Inventing new words doesn't appear to have worked for Comcast, so they're on to the next tactic: borrowing old ideas.

Setting aside the fact that people opening their mouths and having song lyrics come out is not nearly as hilarious as Comcast thinks it is, we've seen this before. (Warning: the volume on the following ad is much higher than on the Comcast ad.)

Keep in mind: it wasn't funny when Avis did it, either.

One thing Avis didn't do was use a song recorded by a porn star, one that's pretty clearly about sexual activity, and have a mother sing it to her son. Way to gross me the fuck out, Comcast. It's not like they tried very hard to make it fit within the commercial - they even have the son seem confused as to why these particular lyrics make sense in context. So why, exactly, did we think this was a good idea?

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Quivering P. Landmass said...

At least it made sense to have songs come out of peoples' open mouths in the Avis ad. I've watched this three times, and I still don't understand the concept.

I'd like to share a user comment from the page for this video on YouTube (which, of course, is rated insanely highly by people who cannot spell or write in sentences):

"it would have been sooooo funny if se did something seductive when it lisp the 'is'" (sic sic sic)

Yep, nothing more knee-slapping hilario than some good old mother-son "seduction." Oh, I can't wait for the sequel. Maybe they can do a scene from "Flowers in the Attic"! That would be LOLOLOLOL!!!